Author: Brendan J. Norman

Tactical vs Positional: The ULTIMATE Chess Engine Showdown!

In discussions about style in chess or even chess engine playing styles, we often hear words like “tactical”, “aggressive” and “attacking” used to describe one way of playing – while for another, we hear words like “strategic”, “solid” and “positional” being thrown around. Karpov vs Kasparov – Perhaps the Greatest Clash of Styles EVER… Players in the former category (such as GM Kasparov above) prefer to “go for the king” directly since, that’s the aim of the game after all – to capture the enemy king. Creating a multi-stage plan to slooooooowly rid himself of long-term pawn weaknesses is absurd...

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Who Are the Most Positional Chess Engines?

I like positional chess engines. Although you mostly hear me talk about violent, aggressive, craaaazy attacking engines – I really do love positional engines. Watching them play gives you a sense that you’re watching a sophisticated human master doing his thing, especially when he crushes his opponent without the need for a single tactical stroke. It can be even more impressive when you’re the one on the receiving end of the “lesson”. In this post, I’m going to put a whole bunch of engines (as well as engine personalities) through an experiment to see which produces the most “positional”...

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OpenTal: A Chess Engine Reignites the Legend of Mikhail Tal

OpenTal was a rebirth… A rebirth of that cool, cigarette smoking 21-year old, with dark glaring eyes, supreme confidence and ultra deep concentration –  the guy who left veteran chess grandmasters red-faced and shaken by the relentless fury of his play – reborn today as a chess computer program. OpenTal is a chess engine designed to emulate the dazzling playing style of the Latvian chess genius Mikhail Tal as closely as possible. This means daring attacks, terrifying piece sacrifices and whatever it takes to bring down the enemy king as quickly as possible. So if you’re a fan of Tal, and who...

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A Complete Guide to Color Complexes for Newbies

Weak color complexes are one of the most important, yet poorly understood elements of chess strategy. So what made me want to teach you about Color Complexes today? Well, funnily enough, it was a chess lover just like you. I love hearing from you guys, so naturally attacking the chess topics you want to learn is a pleasure for me. I really like to see you guys engage, train and explode your chess results with my help. Now let’s get you to complete mastery of this theme called “color complexes”, shall we? So… You might read the notes to...

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5 Chess Strategies to Dominate Materialists and Turn Around Bad Positions…FAST!

The training video above has chess strategies that’ll help you improve your chess. Like all chessplayers, you’re sometimes in need of a few tricks up your sleeve for those times when the position turns against you. And for some of us – that’s very often! So what did you learn in this video? You should have learnt the following. You Should Have Learnt These Chess Strategies: How to quickly provoke weaknesses and then terrorize his king when you’re down on material (saved my butt here!) Which pieces to trade and which to keep (the secret to completely exposing his king!)...

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