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(Easy Chess Games)10 Beautiful Games Every Chess Lover: Part 2

So here we are again with the second installment of 10 Beautiful Games Every Chess Lover MUST See and you’re about to see the last 4 examples of chess art. These are also known as Easy Chess Games. Here’s number 4… 4. Short vs Timman, 1-0 Nigel Short ties up the black pieces until they are completely passive and then makes what is now a very famous march with his King to assist in the final checkmate. Timman resigns before the white king reaches h6. You’ll love this one. 3. Kasparov vs Topalov, 1-0 In this famous game, Kasparov plays one of the...

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10 Beautiful Chess Games Every Chess Lover Needs to See: Part 1

What attracts you to chess? Is it the so-called “intellectual pursuit” that some say it is? Is it a “search for truth”? In my opinion, although a lot of chess players spout this type of  vague philosophical b.s when asked the above question, I suspect that the main reason for most people is aesthetics. We are attracted to that which is beautiful in chess But what is it in chess that is beautiful? I’m about to break that down for you, so grab a coffee (or preferred beverage) and keep reading. As we learn chess, we learn a whole bunch of...

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MChess Pro: Challenging a Legend of Computer Chess (Part 2)

So… when we left off, I’d just played 1.d4 in my exciting fight against 1995 World Microcomputer Chess Champion MChess Pro 8.0. I relayed the move to my physical board, sipped my coffee and wondered what opening line I’d be facing considering that the opening book is from the mid-nineties and not “up-to-date” with latest theory. The opening was a Queens Indian Defence in which computer surprised me with …exd5 in the opening (instead of the more common …Nxd5), and very quickly got itself into a bad position. Within just a few moves I was winning, but then… Well,...

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MChess Pro: Challenging a Legend of Computer Chess

MChess Pro: Early Days I first heard about the software program MChess Pro back around 1999, when reading a copy of “Australian Chess”, a great A4 sized chess magazine which is now sadly out of print. Back then a chess-obsessed 16 year old with an attitude, I’d been digging around in the old storage cupboard at the Gosford Chess Club and found some ancient magazines covered in dust and asked the club director, Mike Roche (a scumbag who later embezzled the club’s money and skipped town) if I could “borrow” some of the magazines. He agreed, and I was...

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