Author: Brendan J. Norman

Chess Journal: The ULTIMATE Chess App for Tournament Players

(Press the PLAY button above to view my Chess Journal app video review)   Back when I was an active tournament player, an app like Chess Journal would have been a lifesaver. I played in chess tournaments all over the place, and the score sheets (If I kept them) would be scattered messily in my backpack and later in my bedroom cupboard. Maybe I’d meet with a friend who’d then ask me how I did in my game against so and so, and I’d say “let me show you the game!” Then, I’d go searching for the score sheet....

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A Killer Mating Attack by King of Kings 2.56 Chess Engine! (DOWNLOAD Included)

A fantastic mating attack by black, right? The King of Kings 2.56 chess engine was recommended by some computer chess nuts somewhere on the net, and so I downloaded it and entered it into one of my tournaments.   I didn’t pay too much attention until the game in question popped up on the screen and as you’ll see – it’s quite impressive. Here’s the game.  Take another look at this brilliant mating attack that King of Kings 2.56 unleashed on his opponent. Loading embedded chess game… So if you want to give this unique engine a try –...

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Veselin Topalov: Master of the Dynamic Exchange Sac! (with PDF)

 As a long-time Kramnik fanboy, I swore to be a long and bitter enemy of Veselin Topalov, and I’ll be honest, I tried to be — but every time I seen the Bulgarian GM win a game, it was absolutely beautiful… Even against my hero, Kramnik. Topalov comes into the openings well-prepared and places intense pressure on his opponents with a dynamic “power chess” style of play. Regardless of which color he has, he sacrifices material as willingly as a cold, calculating army general sacrifices his soldiers for a greater good… In 99% of cases it is in a beautifully...

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Rodent Chess Engine: The AMAZING Strangler Personality!

Last year I reviewed Pawel Kozioł’s Rodent chess engine and introduced you to my wild, aggressive Henny and Remy personalities which, even today are among my favorites. Since then I’ve created close to a dozen personalities, all with distinct and attractive playing styles, and the one I’ll introduce to you today is called the Strangler personality. Rodent Chess Engine: Strangler’s Style I wanted Strangler to play in such as way that when you play against him, you don’t feel like you’re against a dangerous number-crunching machine. I wanted Strangler’s opponents to feel comfortable, then optimistic, then slightly less comfortable, then...

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How to Play Dynamic Chess (and IGNORE Most Threats!)

Watching the video above on dynamic chess, It gradually becomes obvious that… Playing aggressive, dynamic chess is mostly psychological… If you want to become a dangerous attacking player, known for your beautiful, dynamic chess – you’ll need to develop a mindset that is bold and fears nothing. You must have 100% trust in your ability to mentally overpower the other guy and never be afraid of losing. Usually, this blind self-belief pays off!   Over the course of at least ten years, I’ve seen endless examples of people who objectively aren’t very knowledgeable chess players (I’m talking to you Blair! 😉 ), yet they...

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