Author: Brendan J. Norman

AnMon Chess Engine: Tough, Solid and Strong!

What’d you think of the video above? Was this AnMon chess engine lucky to “swindle” me or was it a fair result? I actually think it was a fair result. (BTW…If you just want to download AnMon, you can do so at the bottom of this post ūüėȬ†) Moving on… Having¬†outplayed the engine with my typically risky but dynamic style, I¬†then played like a greedy Bond villain at the roulette table, pressed too hard and then lost (cue the violin music). That’s life in chess. So who is AnMon anyway? The AnMon Chess Engine – Master Strength with a...

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Johnny Hector: A Fearless, Sword Swinging Chess Engine!

Way back in August I wrote an article¬†where¬†I introduced a chess engine personality called “Johnny Hector”, which plays sword-swinging, crazy¬†attacking chess! This is the¬†type of violent chess that’d have even the most seasoned tournament player quaking in fear. Interested? Today I’m proud to show you four recent games which are not only beautiful, but very instructive for you guys¬† keen on¬†improving your¬†chess, as well as having a lot of fun! So let’s begin. As mentioned, Johnny Hector 1.0 plays nothing like a chess engine and you’ll actually feel like you’re playing against a real live person¬†on the other side...

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Alexander Alekhine: Model the Attacking Genius!

Alexander Alekhine was considered to be an opponent with an¬†insanely aggressive style, calculating mind-bending tactical¬†combinations 12 or more moves in advance… Would you be intimidated facing him? Alexander Alekhine was a chess player gifted with a great¬†imagination, a basically photographic memory and an unstoppable will to win. He could calculate extremely long and complicated variations with ease and spot tactical possibilities far beneath the surface of a position,¬†while his opponents often had no idea that a¬†storm was even in the distance. Suddenly Alekhine would sacrifice something and his opponent would be left thinking: “Okay, I don’t see how….but I...

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How I Used Vishy Anand’s Strategy to Crush an IM

Back when I was just starting out in chess, way back in 1998 or 1999 (can’t remember exactly) I was pouring over an old chess magazine and seen a ¬†tournament report containing¬†an amazing game between chess stars Vishy Anand and Alexei Shirov. This game made an enormous impression on me. The apparent¬†simplicity of the game had me wondering how the hell Vishy would let his Grandmaster opponent grab a “free” pawn, but¬†then proceed to crush him mercilessly anyway… WITHOUT USING ANY TACTICS! I can clearly remember playing through this game multiple times over the course of weeks and trying...

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The 5 Best Chess Engines for Training Players U1600

“What are the best chess engines I can play against that aren’t gonna just smash me in 10 moves? I’m only rated 1550” This is a question I get on an¬†almost daily basis. Well…there are a few. The ones I like the most (for sub-1600 guys to train against) are: Storm 0.6 Mephisto Amsterdam Kanguruh 1.93 Predateur 2.0 and… Johnny Hector 1.0 If you like playing chess against the computer as a part of your training (you definitely should if you don’t have the time for regular tournaments) then this post is for you. You’ll Learn: I’ll introduce you...

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