Author: Brendan J. Norman

Reader Request: How to Configure Personalities in Prodeo Chess Engine

A loyal reader of Chess & Cognac recently asked me related to chess engine: Can you make a quick video how to configure personalities in rebel chess engine? Now fellas… I appreciate each and every reader this blog gets and will do my utmost to help you guys out with anything chess-wise you’re struggling with, and so for that reason… I made some time and got to making the requested video.  😎 Rebel/Prodeo happens to be one of my favourite chess engines anyway (I reviewed it here) because it is strong, but also has a human-like and aggressive playing...

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Elometer: A Chess Rating Test You Should Try!

Ever wanted to know EXACTLY what your chess level is? Without even playing in a single tournament? This post will share with you an online Chess Rating Test you can take which tests all areas of chess from tactics, strategic understanding and endgames to calculation and mating patterns. I’m going to invite you to take this Chess Rating Test and find out your true chess level soon, but, Before Taking the Chess Rating Test, Here’s a Story… Back in 2012 I packed up and moved to China to live life on my own terms and to try to master a difficult language while living life more...

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The Chess Cheat: A Quick Method for Identifying this Parasite

Whether you refer to them as a “chess cheat” a “computer abuser” or whatever, we all know who they are. This post will discuss my perspective on cheating in online chess (not the global epidemic of cheating in open events) and will provide: A short rant on the topic 🙂 and then… A method you can use to get a pretty good idea of whether your opponent is a chess cheat. So let’s get started… The Chess Cheat Defintion: This guy is a dishonest and pathetic parasite who instead of sharing his passion for chess in an honest, fair...

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Chess Strategy for Beginners: Advanced French Structure

Today’s lesson will actually be useful for ALL players, regardless of whether you’re stronger than a beginner and regardless of whether you play the French defense for either side. It will not be a comprehensive lesson on how to play the French defence. It WILL touch upon strategical play which very often comes up in chess (and which are VITAL building blocks in the foundation of a strong player’s strategic understanding) and will include many observations of my own, lessons I learnt, as well as a couple of games I myself have played. Required Study for this Lesson: Pawn Chain Theory...

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Chess Endgame Strategy: Learn from Stockfish 7!

Today we’ll learn a lesson on chess endgame strategy from his highness, Stockfish 7. I know, I know… I’ve mentioned on this blog before that I’m not a fan of these 3000+ ELO engines (like Stockfish, Komodo and co) and that I prefer weaker, but more “human-like” engines. This is all true. But a lesson we learn in life is that even though we might not like somebody, we can still learn from them!  😆 Let’s Learn Chess Endgame Strategy from… Recently I was running an engine tournament on my laptop to research an opening line I am interested in...

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