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(Chess Blog) Brendan’s (Awesome) Training Tournament Round 1 Report

By Brendan J. Norman

So here  it is. Round One of my training tournament (which I’ve very maturely decided to call “Brendan’s Awesome Training Tournament”) which includes myself and 15 of the leanest, meanest chess engines on earth has come to an end. Here’s the crosstable after round one. Note: most of the ratings on the crosstable are bullshit (Arena enters […]


Chess Engine Review: Rodent II

By Brendan J. Norman

Rodent II is a chess engine I was excited about (and have been looking forward to reviewing) ever since its programmer Pawel Koziol informed me on my Facebook page about its release. I must admit that I was honoured to be approached by the programmer of an engine I already liked to review his new offering […]


A Chess Engine Tournament with a Special Guest…Me!

By Brendan J. Norman

Chess&, the finest chess blog on the net…is proud to announce… (Cchess Tournament)The Jinan Rapid Invitational!! This will be a fast paced chess tournament featuring some of the most dangerous and interesting chess engines from around the world (and one brave human) battling it out for the ultimate prize… Respect! Here are some details: Time Control: […]


Chess Engine Tweaking: Cloning Karpov

By Brendan J. Norman

Yesterday I logged into my Youtube account and seen that there was a new comment on one of my chess videos. The video in question was a chess engine review I did, in which I presented a new “personality” of the Chess Engine Disaster Area 1.54. The Chess Engine Area Karpov This was part of a […]


Chess Engine Review: DisasterArea 1.54 Cognac

By Brendan J. Norman

Today I’m proud to finally introduce you to a  favourite chess engine of mine. DisasterArea 1.54 is a quite a strong engine based on CCRL ratings and already had a reasonable playing style, but I wanted it to be a sparring partner for ME and frankly…2800+ is a little too strong. So I set about […]


How Chess Engines Have Changed My Style: Part 2

By Brendan J. Norman

In part one of this article, I spoke about how working with chess engines has drastically changed the style in which I play chess engine and how now I am playing in a much more aggressive and speculative style. I then went on to show some examples of this and also mentioned that there are several […]


Chess Engine Review: Twisted Logic Dynamic 1

By Brendan J. Norman

Twisted Logic is a chess engine written by Edsel Apostol of the Phillipines which caught my attention due to the possibility of users being able to tweak it and change its style. As you guys know, I mainly look for engines which either 1. play in a flawed but interesting human style or 2. can […]


Chess Engine Review: Rebel 13/Prodeo 2.0

By Brendan J. Norman

When it comes to chess engines, many of you will know  that my preference is strongly in favour of engines with a “human-like” style, over the raw strength of giants like Stockfish, Komodo and co. Sure, I use Stockfish and Komodo for analysis on occasion as truth finders, but for training games or model mining […]

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