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Alexander Alekhine: Model the Attacking Genius!

By Brendan J. Norman

Would you be intimidated? Well that’s Alexander Alekhine! Alexander Alekhine was a chess player gifted with a great imagination, a basically photographic memory and an unstoppable will to win. He could calculate extremely long and complicated variations with ease and spot tactical possibilities far beneath the surface of a position, while his opponents often had no idea […]


A Lesson from Vishy Anand and How I Crushed an IM

By Brendan J. Norman

Back when I was just starting out in chess, way back in 1998 or 1999 (can’t remember exactly) I was pouring over an old chess magazine and seen a  tournament report containing an amazing game between chess stars Vishy Anand and Alexei Shirov. This game made an enormous impression on me. The apparent simplicity of the game […]


Akiba Rubinstein: Learn from the Uncrowned King

By Brendan J. Norman

Akiba Rubinstein was a chessplayer who many of you may not have heard of. Some may have a faint idea like “Ahh, he was a guy from the old days…there’s an Akiba Rubinstein variation, right?”  but vague words like these would be a huge injustice to a guy who was really a pioneer in our game and at one […]


If Gary Kasparov Returned to Chess…

By Brendan J. Norman

In the beginning, I wasn’t really a big fan of Gary Kasparov. His high-tech openings and amazingly deep combinations were miles above my level of understanding at that time, and I often had trouble figuring out just what the hell was going on in his games. Often when his opponent resigned, I didn’t even understand […]


Best Attackers: Mikhail Tal

By Brendan J. Norman

I started chess pretty late for somebody who has ambition in chess, but once I’d caught the bug I never lost it. I began as a fan of Paul Morphy whose games were logical, direct and clear in that they gave me beautiful examples of the tactics which I was learning and was ambitious to […]


Bobby Fischer Chess and his Biggest Weakness

By Brendan J. Norman

Bobby Fischer was a world chess champion and a genius, despite what anybody might say about his life outside of chess. More about Bobby Fischer Chess He had what some people have called a “universal style” meaning that he can play all types of positions well and I think we can also emphasise his enormous strength in […]