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2 How to Play Dynamic Chess (and IGNORE Most Threats!)

Watching the video above on dynamic chess, It gradually becomes obvious that… Playing aggressive, dynamic chess is mostly¬†psychological… You must have 100%¬†trust in your ability to mentally overpower the other guy and never be afraid of losing. Usually, this blind self-belief pays off! Over the course of at least ten years, I’ve seen endless examples […]

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Chess defense 5

Chess Defense and the Chinese Mind (+Chess PDF)

What’s the secret to chess defense? Would you like to know how strong chess players defend so well? This is gonna be a very weird perspective on this subject… First, we are going to turn to Chinese strategy for answers. Then we’ll turn to artificial intelligence. Sound intriguing? Let’s begin… There’s a slogan quite famous […]

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16 elometer score

Elometer: A Chess Rating Test You Should Try!

Ever wanted to know EXACTLY what your chess level is? Without even playing in a single¬†tournament? This post will¬†share with¬†you¬†an online Chess Rating Test you can take which tests all areas of chess from tactics, strategic understanding and endgames to¬†calculation and mating patterns. I’m going to invite you¬†to take this Chess Rating Test and find […]

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