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(ChessPad) Studying your own games: How and Why you should

By Brendan J. Norman

Recently I’ve pretty growing more and more frustrated by chessplayers who are quite low rated (let’s say 1200-1400) and who instead of studying chess the right way (absorbing the games of past masters, learning tactics, etc) just give every position a quick “scan” with the engine, see an evaluation of say +0.54+=, and blurt out […]


Chess Strategy for Beginners: Openings (Part 4)

By Brendan J. Norman

If you are reading this article, I will assume that you’ve read parts 1, 2 and 3 of “Chess Strategy for Beginners: Openings” which will fill you in on the elements needed to be understood for you to play openings really well, even with little to NO knowledge of theory. This article will attempt to give […]


Chess Strategy for Beginners: Openings (Part 3)

By Brendan J. Norman

Ok! So where were we? In part 2 of “Chess Strategy for Beginners: Openings” we had a look at the importance of battling for control of the board’s central region, and how an unchecked phalanx of pawns in the centre is likely to just “roll across the board like an avalanche of snow going down hill“. […]


Chess Strategy for Beginners: Openings (Part 2)

By Brendan J. Norman

In yesterday’s “Chess Strategy for Beginners” lesson (here) we began to look at and focus on how rapid deployment of our pieces (aka development) is vital in the opening stage of the game. We seen two examples of players who got caught not fully deploying their army and paying the price when a larger army […]


Chess Strategy for Beginners: Openings

By Brendan J. Norman

This series of articles is titled “Chess Strategy for Beginners” because it is indeed designed to help beginning chess players go from say – just having learned to move the pieces, to complete competence (and confidence) in any type of chess position. The articles will also be useful for others too, whether as a refresher […]


(Chess Blog) Brendan’s (Awesome) Training Tournament Round 1 Report

By Brendan J. Norman

So here  it is. Round One of my training tournament (which I’ve very maturely decided to call “Brendan’s Awesome Training Tournament”) which includes myself and 15 of the leanest, meanest chess engines on earth has come to an end. Here’s the crosstable after round one. Note: most of the ratings on the crosstable are bullshit (Arena enters […]


A Chess Engine Tournament with a Special Guest…Me!

By Brendan J. Norman

Chess&, the finest chess blog on the net…is proud to announce… (Cchess Tournament)The Jinan Rapid Invitational!! This will be a fast paced chess tournament featuring some of the most dangerous and interesting chess engines from around the world (and one brave human) battling it out for the ultimate prize… Respect! Here are some details: Time Control: […]


Learn Chess Openings the Easy Way!

By Brendan J. Norman

This blog post will help you to learn chess openings easily with a simple system. Any opening you put your mind to. Sounds like some hyped up bullshit, right? Wrong. 😀 You’ll also be able to build your foundational knowledge in chess and improve your overall tactical skill and strategic knowledge. Lastly, you’ll get access to […]


Chess Endgame Strategy: Active Rooks & Faster Pawns!

By Brendan J. Norman

Readers of this blog will know how much I emphasise attacking chess and being aggressive in  your chess playing style, so some might find it surprising that in this article I highly recommend a deep study of chess endgame strategy. Throughout my life playing chess I have had so many times in tournaments where I […]

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