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2 How to Play Dynamic Chess (and IGNORE Most Threats!)

Watching the video above on dynamic chess, It gradually becomes obvious that… Playing aggressive, dynamic chess is mostly¬†psychological… You must have 100%¬†trust in your ability to mentally overpower the other guy and never be afraid of losing. Usually, this blind self-belief pays off! Over the course of at least ten years, I’ve seen endless examples […]

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15 Johnny Hector: A Fearless, Sword Swinging Chess Engine!

Way back in August I wrote an article¬†where¬†I introduced a chess engine personality called “Johnny Hector”, which plays sword-swinging, crazy¬†attacking chess! This is the¬†type of violent chess that’d have even the most seasoned tournament player quaking in fear. Interested? Today I’m proud to show you four recent games which are not only beautiful, but very […]

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Internet Chess with Brendan #1

Tonight I was sitting at a cafe here in Jinan and decided to play some blitz on the ICC¬†(Internet Chess Club). I recorded¬†it for you, so I hope you like the game and the rough analysis I did afterwards. I have also decided to make this a regular addition to the blog as well¬†(assuming the […]

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