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Chess Defense and the Chinese Mind (+Chess PDF)

By Brendan J. Norman

Would you like to know how strong chess players defend so well? What’s the secret to chess defense? This is gonna be a very weird perspective on this subject… First, we are going to turn to Chinese strategy for answers. Then we’ll turn to artificial intelligence. Sound intriguing? Let’s begin… There’s a slogan quite famous […]


Elometer: A Chess Rating Test You Should Try!

By Brendan J. Norman

Ever wanted to know EXACTLY what your chess level is? Without even playing in a single tournament? This post will share with you an online Chess Rating Test you can take which tests all areas of chess from tactics, strategic understanding and endgames to calculation and mating patterns. I’m going to invite you to take this Chess Rating Test and find […]


(ChessPad) Studying your own games: How and Why you should

By Brendan J. Norman

Recently I’ve pretty growing more and more frustrated by chessplayers who are quite low rated (let’s say 1200-1400) and who instead of studying chess the right way (absorbing the games of past masters, learning tactics, etc) just give every position a quick “scan” with the engine, see an evaluation of say +0.54+=, and blurt out […]


Bobby Fischer Chess and his Biggest Weakness

By Brendan J. Norman

Bobby Fischer was a world chess champion and a genius, despite what anybody might say about his life outside of chess. More about Bobby Fischer Chess He had what some people have called a “universal style” meaning that he can play all types of positions well and I think we can also emphasise his enormous strength in […]


What is a Chess Nerd? (+ Other Thoughts)

By Brendan J. Norman

Chess friends, An idea that has been thrown around a lot for my entire life as a chess player is the “chess nerd”. This guy is the stereotypical chess player who shuffles around the school yard, while trying not to be pushed down stairs by bullies and who hopes to make it to the library […]


How to Not Be a Fat Chessplayer

By Brendan J. Norman

Imagine it is round one of an open tournament and you’ve just checked the pairings… Seeing that you’re against Joey Shabadoo on board 23, you begin to go in that direction and as you approach the table, you see him sitting at the board. You’ve never heard of or even seen this guy before, so […]