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2 How to Play Dynamic Chess (and IGNORE Most Threats!)

Watching the video above on dynamic chess, It gradually becomes obvious that… Playing aggressive, dynamic chess is mostly psychological… You must have 100% trust in your ability to mentally overpower the other guy and never be afraid of losing. Usually, this blind self-belief pays off! Over the course of at least ten years, I’ve seen endless examples […]

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Attacking Chess

Attacking Chess: The Exchange Sac! (Part 2)

Last week I wrote an article on Attacking Chess and spoke about how an often used attacking device by strong players is the mysterious Exchange Sacrifice. Shortly after sharing this post on Facebook (with the statement that “my secret is out 😉 “, some Negative Nancy commented something along the lines of “Its only a secret […]

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1 Chess Tactics

Attacking Chess: The Exchange Sac!

In my last article I spoke of an attacking chess motif where by white often sacrifices an entire knight in the Sicilian. This is a pretty advanced idea, but powerful in the hands of a capable player too! If you play 1.e4 I suggest you definitely check out that article for a great Sicilian killin’ weapon. 😉 […]

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