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Johnny Hector: A Fearless, Sword Swinging Chess Engine!

By Brendan J. Norman

Way back in August I wrote an article where I introduced a chess engine personality called “Johnny Hector”, which plays sword-swinging, crazy attacking chess! This is the type of violent chess that’d have even the most seasoned tournament player quaking in fear. Interested? Today I’m proud to show you four recent games which are not only beautiful, but very […]


Alexander Alekhine: Model the Attacking Genius!

By Brendan J. Norman

Would you be intimidated? Well that’s Alexander Alekhine! Alexander Alekhine was a chess player gifted with a great imagination, a basically photographic memory and an unstoppable will to win. He could calculate extremely long and complicated variations with ease and spot tactical possibilities far beneath the surface of a position, while his opponents often had no idea […]


A Lesson from Vishy Anand and How I Crushed an IM

By Brendan J. Norman

Back when I was just starting out in chess, way back in 1998 or 1999 (can’t remember exactly) I was pouring over an old chess magazine and seen a  tournament report containing an amazing game between chess stars Vishy Anand and Alexei Shirov. This game made an enormous impression on me. The apparent simplicity of the game […]


Akiba Rubinstein: Learn from the Uncrowned King

By Brendan J. Norman

Akiba Rubinstein was a chessplayer who many of you may not have heard of. Some may have a faint idea like “Ahh, he was a guy from the old days…there’s an Akiba Rubinstein variation, right?”  but vague words like these would be a huge injustice to a guy who was really a pioneer in our game and at one […]


If Gary Kasparov Returned to Chess…

By Brendan J. Norman

In the beginning, I wasn’t really a big fan of Gary Kasparov. His high-tech openings and amazingly deep combinations were miles above my level of understanding at that time, and I often had trouble figuring out just what the hell was going on in his games. Often when his opponent resigned, I didn’t even understand […]


Chess Engine Tweaking: Cloning Karpov

By Brendan J. Norman

Yesterday I logged into my Youtube account and seen that there was a new comment on one of my chess videos. The video in question was a chess engine review I did, in which I presented a new “personality” of the Chess Engine Disaster Area 1.54. The Chess Engine Area Karpov This was part of a […]


Best Attackers: Mikhail Tal

By Brendan J. Norman

I started chess pretty late for somebody who has ambition in chess, but once I’d caught the bug I never lost it. I began as a fan of Paul Morphy whose games were logical, direct and clear in that they gave me beautiful examples of the tactics which I was learning and was ambitious to […]


Bobby Fischer Chess and his Biggest Weakness

By Brendan J. Norman

Bobby Fischer was a world chess champion and a genius, despite what anybody might say about his life outside of chess. More about Bobby Fischer Chess He had what some people have called a “universal style” meaning that he can play all types of positions well and I think we can also emphasise his enormous strength in […]

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